About New Indian Express

New Indian Express is a reliable takeaway where you can pamper yourself with authentic Indian foods.

Situated at 7 Broomieknowe, Leven KY8 4QP, our shop offers vibrant flavours and amazing combinations such as aromatic curried Rogan Josh, tantalisingly tasty Bhoona dishes, healthy Vegetable dishes, authentic spicy Karahi, fragrant Biryanis, juicy Burgers, crisp base Pizzas, soft succulent kebabs and many others.

Craving something lip-smacking and homemade? Then go for our tender Chicken Nuggets with no additives or artificial colours. They are made from 100% deboned chicken breast.

Our Tandoori dishes are perfect for your main meal of the day. They get marinated overnight in Indian spices, cooked to perfection on skewers and served with fried rice.

Our menu also offers a wide range of Turkish-style kebabs. Indulge in a mouthwatering Shashlik and get the real taste of kebab.

Don’t worry if you are a veggie or vegan. Our well-crafted menu takes care of your palate, too, with its vegetable dishes.

Looking for Indian halal food in Broomieknowe? Ask around for ‘The traditional Indian takeaway near me’, and you’ll hear the name ‘New Indian express’.

Hygiene is our number one priority. In all processes of preparation, packaging and delivery, we follow strict protocols to give our customers real peace of mind.

Would you like to get a huge discount? Place your orders online through our website and receive a 10% off.

We also give exclusive discounts on orders placed through Mealzo’s online ordering platform. This is because we have recently joined its portal.

Prefer to order over the phone? Then you can call us at 01333278170. Your favourite will be delivered in a matter of seconds.

We are proud to be at your service.



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